Andere Marken Macho HARD NATURAL MUSTACHE WAX - 15 ml


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Very strong fixation so the most rebellious or bold mustaches remain just like you dreamt.

A mixture of essential and organic oils, Vitamin E, Bee Wax and Shea; all this simply to provide the mustache with the needed nutrients for a perfect conditioning.

“Mustache Sam or Zapata himself would be delighted”

Instructions for use:

1. Wet your fingertip with a drop of Oil to ease the process.
2. Remove the required amount with the nail.
3. Rub between your index finger and thumb to warm the wax and work the Mustache to your taste.
4. Remove the excess with a comb and go back to the first step until achieving your own style.
5. Do not miss our tricks with the wax on our blog.

We recommend carrying the tub of wax in your pocket since thanks to body warmth it will ease the application.


Bee Wax, Carnauba Wax, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rosehip, Lemon, Cypress, Vitamin E Macho Formula

All our formulas are sebum-regulating, we care about your skin.


- 100% all natural ingredients
- Not tested on animals
- 0% Parabens
- 0% Coloring
- 0% PEG
- 0% Silicones

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