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Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Boho Rebel Boho Rebel: Blond - 300 ml

Blond pigmented dry shampoo for a loosen and rebel appearance of the hair.

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Boho Rebel is a dry shampoo that not only pigments, but also refreshes roots, provides with volume, fixes your style, leaves hair free from grease and residues, in order to achieve a casual, loosen and rebel finish.

Thanks to its main component, pigmented rice starch, Boho Rebel fixes the hair with an invisible finish, without residues and without weighting down the hair. Wear a rebel hair or an informal, casual style thanks to Boho Rebel.


Before start using the product, shake the bottle. Next, vaporize over dry hair with short sprayings. Finally, work the producto with the fingers, without brushing it.

Produkttyp Shampoon, Spray
Haartyp Alle Haartypen

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