Reduziert! Diamond Oil Glow dry - 100 ml

Redken Diamond Oil Glow Dry Diamond Oil Glow dry - 100 ml

Ultra-lightweight blow dry hair oil for instant hair shine

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Protective blow dry hair oil that provides hair shine, smoothness, and hair manageablity.

  • Heat-responsive, ultra lightweight hair oil.
  • Provides diamond-like hair shine.
  • Reduces blow-dry time.
  • Fast, easy style for all hair types.


  • Apply even on damp hair before every blow dry.
  • May reapply dry hair to finish and enhance shine.
  • Can be used a part of daily haircare routine.
Produkttyp Öl, Hitzeschild
Haartyp Gefärbte , Stumpfes, Alle Haartypen

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