Reduziert! OroFluido Asia Zen Control Mask - 250 ml

Andere Marken Revlon OroFluido Asia Zen Control Mask - 250 ml

Beauty Mask for all types of frizz-prone hair.

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A luscious, rich cream that provides intense conditioning with a polished shine. Combats frizz while leaving the hair supple and manageable. Intensive rescue for all types of hair in need of condition and repair. Contains a complex of wheat amino acids that repairs deep down, and a keratin protein that conditions the surface. A harmonious combination of the legendary smoothness of tsubaki (camellia) oil, the extraordinary strength and flexibility of bamboo, and the outstanding nourishing properties of rice oil.

Contains Panthenol, a powerful ingredient that promotes moisture retention, penetrating the hair shaft to nourish and repair it, preventing hair breakage and reducing split ends. Also enriched with Hydrolysed Corn Starch that conditions, reduces frizz and promotes hair discipline.


After shampooing, massage into damp hair and comb through for even distribution. Leave on for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly. For finer hair, use as a weekly treatment. For thicker hair, use as often as necessary.

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Produkttyp Maske, Sahne
Haartyp Kräuseln, Stumpfes, Trockene, Beschädigt

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