Reduziert! Oro Fluido set Elixir 50 ml + 2 Oro Fluido Nails Enamels 15 ml

Andere Marken Revlon Oro Fluido set Elixir 50 ml + 2 Oro Fluido Nails Enamels 15 ml

Beauty Elixir 50 ml + 2 Orofluido Nails Enamels 15 ml

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Discover the new Orofluido beauty ritual for natural or colored hair. Sophisticated formulas based on the perfect combination of three natural oils with active ingredients that provide a vibrant and durable color. High-performance hair care formulas that help to maintain the intensity and brightness of coloring products Orofluido.


A beauty treatment for all types of hair
Beauty elixir for all hair types, with a pure luxuriance that envelops your hair. Three organic natural oils in an exquisite mixture with a pleasant, silky texture, absorbed rapidly and leaving no residue in the hair.
Its delicious amber fragrance with a vanilla foundation will transport you into a fascinating world of oriental perfume.

Applied to damp hair
• Reduces drying time
• Leaves hair light, silky and easy to comb
• Gives hair body and movement
• Enhances the natural shine of the hair

Applied to dry hair
• Gives hair instant shine
• Controls frizzing and makes combing easier
• Leaves hair soft, disciplined and flexible

Included in the set are 2 Orofluido Nails Enamels 15 ml.

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