Reduziert! Uniq One Grüner Tee - 150 mlml

Andere Marken Revlon Uniq One Grüner Tee - 150 mlml

UNIQ ONE is the first no-rinse mask that provides ten essential effects that your hair needs. Grüner Tee fragrance.

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All the benefits of UniqOne, now with Grüner Tee fragrance.

1 It repairs dry and damaged hair.
2 It gives shine and Frizz control.
3 It gives thermal protection.
4 It leaves smooth and silky hair.
5 It gives protection of color, with UV and UVB filters.
6 It eases the brushing and the use of hair iron.
7 Amazing Detangling effect.
8 It gives body and volume.
9 It prevents split ends.
10 It maintains the hairstyle for a longer time.

UNIQ ONE on wet hair:
Apply about 20 cm. hair (short hair: 6-8 sprays, medium hair: 7-12 sprays and long hair: 10-15 sprays).
Unravel with comb.
Complete with your usual style: brushing, iron, air, etc.
Use usual finishing product: foam, hair spray, etc.

UNIQ ONE on dry hair:
Apply on the palm of the hand (short hair: 2-3 sprays, medium hair: 3-5 sprays and long hair: 4-6 sprays).
Rub the product between your hands and apply on hair from the middle to the ends.
If needed, review the hairstyle with iron or hairdryer.
If you wish, use usual finishing products: foam, lacquers, etc.

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