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Global Cream Wrinkles - Rich - 50 ml + Supreme Definition Eye Contour Cream - 15 ml GIFT

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Global Cream Wrinkles - Rich - 50 ml

Strengthen and smooth the skin surface while effectively reducing wrinkles. Global Cream Wrinkles - Rich is a treatment cream for normal to dry skin that effectively reduces wrinkles (both dynamic and static) and expression lines. It adds firmness and redensifies the skin for a smoother, more relaxed look. It softens facial expression, neutralizes the effect of constant facial movements and it regenerates the skin by promoting the generation of collagen and elastin, as well as encouraging the production of proteins to correct possible damage that may be caused by the passage of time.

Now you have your ideal product to fight marked wrinkles or expression lines. Choose your texture - Soft, Rich or Supreme - and get rid of them!

Benefits of Global Cream Wrinkles - Rich:
  • It effectively reduces wrinkles and expression lines.
  • It deeply moisturizes, firms and redensifies the skin.
  • It smoothes and strengthens the skin structure.
  • It stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and proteins.
  • It contributes to relaxing facial expression.
  • It effectively fights the appearance of signs of skin aging.
  • It is suitable for normal to dry skin with wrinkles and fine lines.

Supreme Definition Eye Contour Cream - 15 ml

Lift your eyelids while you revitalize your look. Supreme Definition Eye Contour is a cream that lifts and firms the entire eye area, including the upper eyelids, and it fades away expression lines. It rebuilds and strengthens the dermis and it provides protection from external aggressions. The look is revitalized and, thanks to the pigments it contains, with a healthy tone without the need for make-up.

Benefits of Supreme Definition Eye Contour Cream:
  • It acts on the entire eye contour area, lifting and firming the upper eyelids.
  • It performs an intense anti-aging and firming action.
  • It adds a healthy tone.
  • It rebuilds skin structure from within.
  • It protects the skin from external and environmental aggressions.
  • It reduces expression lines.
  • The eye contour area appears firmer, relaxed, revitalized and filled in.