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Extreme Shampoo - 300 ml + Extreme Conditioner - 300 ml + One United - 150 ml

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Extreme Shampoo - 300 ml

Intelligently recover your damaged hair. Extreme shampoo helps restructure and strengthen any damaged hair type. It acts intelligently where hair needs it most, recovering it and avoiding future damage.

Show off your mane stronger than ever!

Benefits of Extreme Shampoo:
  • It recovers damaged hair.
  • Stronger and more resistant hair.
  • It prevents breakage.
  • It adds body to hair.
  • Shiny, healthy hair.

Extreme Conditioner - 300 ml

Get stronger, softer hair. Extreme Conditioner repairs in depth to damaged hair. It provides hydration and softness to hair, making it an ideal conditioner for this type of hair, and it also facilitates detangling, preventing breakage. It is indispensable for the routine care of a hair that needs repair and strength.

Benefits of Extreme Conditioner:
  • It recovers damaged hair.
  • Stronger and more resistant hair.
  • It prevents breakage.
  • Healthy, soft and shiny hair.

One United - 150 ml

25 benefits in one treatment! One United is a versatile treatment that brings up to 25 benefits to your hair, so that it looks perfect at all times. It is a complete treatment that visibly improves hair manageability, promotes its healthy appearance, protects it from possible damage, and enhances its natural beauty.

Thanks to its light and innovative formula, it can be applied to all hair types and textures, because every mane is unique and One United knows it.

Use it the way it's most comfortable for you and show off your mane!

Benefits of One United:
  • It provides light conditioning to hair.
  • It intensifies the effect of other hair treatments.
  • It takes care of hair to improve its manageability, its protection and its beauty.

Benefits to improve manageability:

  • It nourishes and hydrates hair, reducing dryness.
  • It easily untangles hair.
  • It visibly strengthens and improves damaged hair appearance.

Benefits to improve protection:

  • It prevents and avoids capillary breakage.
  • It prepares hair for styling.
  • It protects hair from thermal tools use.
  • It prevents split ends appearance by sealing them.
  • It provides protection from external aggressions.

Benefits to improve beauty:

  • It provides a silky feel and a radiant finish to hair.
  • It allows you to control frizz.
  • It eiminates static.
  • It provides softness.
  • It helps to control and discipline hairstyles, even in rebellious hair.
  • It facilitates drying.
  • It refreshes hairstyle.
  • Hair with movement, flexible and lightweight.

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