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Bain Force Architecte 250 ml + Ciment Anti-Usure 200 ml + Ciment Thermique 150 ml

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Bain Force Architecte - 250 ml

Restore and regain your hair's strenght. Bain Force Architecte is a restoring shampoo to strengthen weakened hair. It rebuilds capillary matter and revives hair fibre from the inside. It gently cleanses and provides lightness and looseness to the hair, allowing it to regain its natural movement and elasticity. Your hair becomes healthy and shinier.

Benefits of Bain Force Architecte:

  • It restores capillary matter from the inside.
  • It repairs and strengthens the hair.
  • Lightweight, loose hair.
  • It leaves a healthy and shiny look.

Ciment Anti-Usure - 200 ml

Take care and strengthen your hair. Ciment Anti-Usure is the perfect conditioner for fragile or damaged hair. It reinforces those hairs prone to break from the inside and provides a better appearance, sealing split ends and improving the cuticle. It softens and helps detangle the hair.

Benefits of Ciment Anti-Usure:

  • Daily use.
  • More resistant and stronger hair.
  • It facilitates detangling.
  • It allows to seal split ends.

Ciment Thermique - 150 ml

Protect your hair from heat tools. This blow-drying cream with thermal protection up to 180ºC, helps restore the hair fibre, giving vitality and a silky, shiny finishing touch. It has a strong toning effect on the fibre and also accelerates drying, easing combing. It effectively protects damaged hair from external thermal aggressions and provides perfect gliding.

Benefits of Ciment Thermique:

  • Thermal protection up to 180ºC.
  • Silky, shiny hair.
  • It restores and tones hair fibre.
  • It quickens drying and easies styling.
  • It protects the hair from external aggressions.
Product Category Shampoo, Conditioner, Thermal Protector
Scalp Normal
Hair Type Damaged, Dull

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