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Nioxin 3D Care Systems Kit System 2

System 2 Shampoo 300 ml + System 2 Conditioner 300 ml + System 2 Scalp Treatment 100 ml

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System 2 Shampoo - 300 ml:

Cleanse your natural hair while densifying and strengthening it. System 2 Dermo-Purifying Shampoo is the first step in a three-step system, focused on strengthening and thickening fine, natural and highly weakened hair. It cleanses the hair and it effectively removes product residues, impurities, excess oil and dirt from the scalp, while providing freshness and relief. The hair looks denser, more voluminous and it appears stronger and shinier.

Purify your natural, fine hair while densifying it!

Benefits of System 2 Shampoo:

  • It effectively cleanses the hair.
  • It provides freshness and it calms the scalp.
  • It leaves the scalp balanced and free of impurities or product residues.
  • It strengthens hair with advanced thinning.
  • It increases hair fiber thickness for visibly denser hair
  • It is suitable for natural, fine and highly weakened hair.

System 2 Conditioner - 300 ml:

Hydrate your hair properly, strengthen it and gain density! System 2 Conditioner adds strength, resilience and density to natural, fine and highly weakened hair. It's the second step in a three-step system aimed at visibly strengthening and thickening this type of hair. This lightweight treatment strengthens the hair fiber, reducing hair breakage and promoting strength, and it balances moisture levels. In addition, it creates volume and density by increasing the diameter of the fiber. Unlike other conditioners, its use is indicated from root to tip.

Add strength to your fine hair and densify it effectively and visibly from the first applications!

Benefits of System 2 Conditioner:

  • It gives body and volume to the hair.
  • It moisturizes the scalp and hair, maintaining its adequate levels of hydration for longer.
  • It strengthens hair and it prevents hair breakage.
  • It increases hair fiber thickness for visibly denser hair.
  • It is suitable for natural, fine and advanced weakening hair.

System 2 Scalp Treatment - 100 ml:

Treat your scalp: add freshness and volume! System 2 Scalp Treatment is a no-rinse treatment that strengthens natural, fine and very thinning hair. It is the third step of the System 2 focused on increasing the thickness of the hair fiber and strengthening this type of hair. It adds strength, it provides protection against hair breakage and it helps to increase the diameter of the hair fibre for denser and more voluminous hair. It also promotes the hair's natural shine for a healthy look.

Volume, strength and a healthy finish - treating your hair couldn't be easier!

Benefits of System 2 Scalp Treatment:

  • It adds volume and thickens hair.
  • It provides a feeling of freshness and well-being to the scalp.
  • It strengthens hair and prevents breakage.
  • It increases the thickness of the hair fibre.
  • It gives the hair a natural shine.
  • It is suitable for natural, fine and highly weakened hair.

Product Category Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment
Scalp Normal
Hair Type Fine, Natural, Damaged

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