Reduziert! Serioxyl Densifying Mousse Natural Thinning Hair - 125 ml

L'Oréal Serioxyl Tecnico Serioxyl Densifying Mousse Natural Hair - 125 ml

Densifying Mousse for natural and thinning hair. STEP 3.

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Treatment enriched by GlucoBoost + Incell formula. Applied to the roots, immediately lifts them up. Applied to lenghts, it densifies hair.


Third stage of Serioxil program.

- On wet and towel-dry hair, separate the hair into 4 stripes, from front to back.
- Apply a hazelnut of the product on the scalp at the beginning of one of the stripes and distribute evenly over the entire stripe.
- Repeat this step on the other stripes to cover the entire scalp.
- Without rinsing, pass the comb to extend the treatment over long before drying and proceed to the usual hairstyle.

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